Construction and joinery lumber

We provide custom supplies of joinery lumber, both raw and dry according to individual contracts. Preferentially we focus on larch, pine and spruce, in various required dimensions. The lumber is mostly not squared, from a simple wood cutting. Packages are stacked and interleaved upon individual agreements.

Each piece is separately measured and marked according to the standards. Individual widths, lengths and thicknesses are noted in the consignment papers.

By individual agreement, the lumber is stored and interleaved into required packages that have their own number. Completed supplies are dispatched together with the consignment.

We supply sawn timber from the center of the log, side timber and squared timber in individual dimensions. The lumber is manufactured with the technology of double cutting frame saws or by combining frame saws and rip saws. We supply roof ties completely according to the supplied measurements.

Types of wood: spruce, pine, larch.

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